Create a Carousel template

The Carousel message template is only supported in the Cloud API.

Carousel templates allow you to send a single text message (1), accompanied by a set of up to 10 carousel cards (2) in a horizontally scrollable view.

The template can be viewed by users both from mobile devices and in the WhatsApp web client.

Basic rules for creating a template:

  1. A message bubble (1) is required. Message bubbles are text-only and support variables in it.

  2. Carousel templates support up to 10 carousel cards.

  3. The media header format and button types must be the same for all cards.

  4. Cards must have a mandatory media header (image or video) and card body text

  5. Card should at least have 1 button. Template supports a maximum of up to 2 buttons for each card.

  6. The button types supported are Quick Reply, Website URL CTA & Call Phone Number CTA. Buttons can be the same type or a mix of Quick reply buttons, phone number buttons, or URL buttons for each card.

How to create a template with API is described here:

Create a Carousel template

Creating a template from 1msg personal account

Go to “Channels” → Select the channel → “Template ” and click “Create template”.

Fill in the template details on the first step as usual. Select “Marketing” in the category to create a “Carousel”. When you get to the second step, click on the 'Carousel' button at the top of the box.

Filling in:

BODY. A text message describing the general subject matter. Contains only text and supports variables. It is required. Maximum 1024 characters.

CAROUSEL. The media header format and button types will be the same for all cards.

CARD. Filling in the card.

  1. Body - text description of the card. Support variables. Maximum 160 characters.

  2. Buttons - the button list that is output depends on what you specified above in the button fill format..

    • Quick reply buttons. At the moment we recommend that you make the button names different on each card, so that when a user replies you know which card their reply belongs to. Maximum 25 characters.

    • URL link. The link can contain a variable added at the end of the URL string. Maximum 2000 characters

    • Phone number button. The name for the button and the phone number are filled in.

To add more cards - click on the '+' button (2).

Adding examples.

Next click on 'Add examples' and fill in the examples with references and variables. Use the arrows (2) to see how you are filling in each card.

To finish creating the template, click 'Next'. Now you must wait for Meta to accept the template.

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