Sending a template

Go to the ‘Chat Inbox’ section in the left-hand menu.

To manually submit a template - click on the tile icon in the upper right corner of the message form, next to the paperclip icon. A template selection modal window will appear in front of you. By default, you are shown its name, the template language and its contents. If a template has {{}} like curly braces, it means that you will have to manually fill in the appropriate places after selecting it.

Creating your own templates is available when working with your own number (not in demo mode) and is available on the “ Channels” page in the ”Templates”

Select any template you like, if there are additional fields - fill them in (you will see the future display of the post on the right side). Click on the “Send” button to complete this step.

Example of filling in the template (on the screen is the Carousel template):

Display the template in chat:

The templates can also be:

  • send via Broadcasts. You need to go to the ‘Broadcasts’ section in the left menu.

  • send via Flow Builder (‘WABA-template’)

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