Create a Catalog template

The Catalog template is only supported in the Cloud API.

Catalog templates are marketing templates that allow you to fully present your product Catalog. Your product catalog will be available for customers to view directly in WhatsApp.

Catalog Templates display a thumbnail image of the product header and a custom main text, as well as a fixed text header and a sub-header.


You must have inventory uploaded to Meta in an ecommerce catalog connected to your WhatsApp Business Account. You can create multiple catalogues, but it's important - set one catalogue to be active, which will be displayed in WhatsApp.

Creating a template through the API for developers

Creating a template is described in the API documentation in the /addTemplate method.

You can also create a template from the 'Dev Toolkit' → 'Test requests' section of your personal cabinet. The example below was created using this section. Don't forget to specify examples of variables if you have added them to the body, link URL of buttons. Otherwise the template will be rejected by Meta*.

Catalog template:

  • The template does not provide for the use of a HEADER object.

  • For the catalogue button, the type must be specified as 'CATALOG'. The text of the button cannot be changed, must be specified as ‘View catalogue’. The user in WhatsApp will receive a translation according to their country.

Example of creating a ‘Catalog’ template
Content-Type: application/json
Body: {
  "token": "{{token}}",
  "name": "catalog_create_test",
  "allow_category_change": true,
  "category": "MARKETING",
  "language": "en",
  "components": [
      "text": "Check out all of {{1}}. Go!",
      "type": "BODY",
      "example": {
        "body_text": [
            "our services" //The variable BODY {{1}} 
      "type": "BUTTONS",
      "buttons": [
          "type": "CATALOG",
          "text": "View catalog"
      "type": "FOOTER",
      "text": "Catalog 1MSG"

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